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I could have started this blog with ‘5 secrets those fat cats won’t tell you about writing a sales letter’ or‘Copywriting secrets that will make you €200k in six months’.

Those promises and headlines don’t do it for me or most people. I’ll take a more realistic approach and will give you guidelines from what I know works for me and my clients.

So, you’ve heard lots of experts telling you how to write a sales letter. Some say ‘one page and no more’. Others say if the writing is good enough and the message clear enough, more than one page is just fine. I’d agree with the latter and think it’s more about what you say and how you say it then how much you write. I’ll tell you below what I think works.

If you’re not already doing so, address each of these points as a minimum for a sales letter and you’ll start to get results.

1      Know your selling points – the basic rule of sales is ‘know your product’. This applies to selling through letters also… but can be extended to ‘know your selling points’. If you know what differentiates you from your competitors, make sure everyone else does too.

2.  Know the right language – big words and flowery phrases will put off most people. As will jargon and business-speak. Keep your letter simple and accessible and aim to write it so your message will get through even after a brief read.

3.  Know your audience and know their problems – be sure your product or service will address the problems encountered by your audience.

4.  Know ‘What’s in it for me’ – people need to know what is in it for them and they need to know fast. Like, if you can save people 30% on their fuel/insurance bills, you need to tell them.

5   Know how to close – ‘the close’ is marketing speak for getting your prospect to get in touch or do something that you want them to do. Once they’ve been made aware of your offer and want to contact you – make it easy for them. Every letter should end with a distinct call-to-action.

Keep these in mind for your next direct sales letter or get me to help you – I’ll guarantee you’ll make half a million quid within 6 weeks….OK, maybe 8 weeks…3 months …and that’s my final offer.

Go to my site and find out about copywriting and direct marketing. Go on, you might as well.


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