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Why some direct mail campaigns work and some do not

My mobile rang last Wednesday evening. ‘I got this postcard from you’ the voice said. It was a freelance web designer who needed a copywriter. ‘So what?’, you’re thinking. Well, the fact is I sent that postcard three years ago and this is the third query I got in the last six months even after getting a 25% response rate first time round. What was so special about this postcard?

It told the story of every web developer’s  daily nightmare. Not getting content from their customers…not being able to finish projects…. and then not getting paid on time. And it told the story using a comic strip. Here it is….Click on each image to have a good look…


side #1 – the comic strip….



side#2 – the copy side…



Why did it work?

  • It was very focussed on one specific target market and it showed I understood what their problems were and how I could solve them.
  • It was well produced so people did not throw it away.
  • It aimed to solve one big problem.


If you need a direct mail campaign to address one big issue for your customers, I can help you. We’ll sit down and come up with a creative way to connect with your target market. Get in touch on (087) 659 7571 ….

On the other hand, if you’re a web designer or developer and you need an SEO content writer and you recognise yourself on this comic strip – you can give me a call too!



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