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Web content in tourism – your customers love research and planning so you should give them what they want online

Remember the last time you bought a washing machine – now that was a great day! Wasn’t it wonderful pouring over technical details and energy efficiency ratings before….please stop….boring! This is so boring! You’re thinking…. ‘Life is just too short for this’! If you sell holidays or tourist destinations, your audience or target market should never have this problem. Yours is one of the few products where people genuinely love all stages of the decision-making process. It’s time for your online content to shine.

In a previous blog on tourism copywriting, I talked about how using details will really sell your destination. Today, we’ll take a look at some points to keep in mind for writing online content.

A little preparation from you will give them all the research they need

  • Blogs and blog planning – even when people have already committed and made their booking with you, they‘ll still be researching their break away or holiday. Blogs and articles on your website about things to see/do/eat/drink will give people something to read about, think about and look forward to. And when they get the best out of their holiday, they’ll come back again and again.
  • Numbers – coming up with a new blog topic every few days can be a real grind. If only you had a list of information nuggets that you could form an article around when you need to. You do – they’re everywhere!  From collecting your own information from informal surveys to Trip Advisor or even published tourism research, this is all data you can use. You just need a focal point for your article and a number works every time. For example – ‘80% of our guests visited the nearby ‘x museum’ – find out why’.
  • But we’re all in such a hurry. We don’t have time to….blah blah. This is simply not the case with tourism marketing. Yes – people will want to take some details on board quickly but intelligent, engaging copy and content will help people picture that holiday they’re so looking forward to…
  • SEO is important but it really is all about people. Original, engaging articles that will prove useful will be retained.  If you’re going to write your blog for SEO reasons alone, it’s not a good idea. To write meaningful content, you really have to mean it.


You have an edge on other products. Quality, well written content will always be read by your target audience because research is such a vital and enjoyable part of the decision-making process for your customers. They love research and so should you.

If you’re looking for a copywriter, some new content ideas or simply an evaluation of your existing web content or blog strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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