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Tax accountants – understand one thing. For the most part, we know very little about what you do and we depend on your knowledge and insight to handle the awful job of the tax return.  Well, we have a rough idea – like when you need to change the oil in your car but it always makes a lot more sense to get a professional to do it. Your insight and experience is worth it – pure and simple.

It’s time to demonstrate your tradecraft and content marketing is just the thing for you. Deciding what tactics to use is a job in itself. Today, we’ll outline the best content marketing options for financial service providers, tax accountancy practices and more people just like you. And remember, the more helpful your content, the more visitors to your website and then it’s up to you to convert them into customers.

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Six solid content marketing tips for tax accountants and financial services providers

  1. Ebooks – take a topic that you are an expert in and educate people on what they need to know. If you’re concerned about giving away too much, don’t be. The Internet is based on information exchange. What about an ebook on ‘From bin charges to medical – what you can claim for and what you cannot..’.?
  2. Blogs – you are the link to a mystical world of expenses, declarations and much more. Even if you think it’s easy – take a look at your inbox and gather the most popular queries. Then write a blog on each one.
  3. Video – when people are entrusting their financial details to you, they want to be confident and put a face to the name. A simple corporate video showing how you and your team work, will give a prospective customer the opportunity to ‘meet’ you as they asses their options.
  4. Infograhics – even though you are someone that sees the world in figures and stats, some people don’t find them as easy to digest. Using infographics to deliver figures in an easy to understand manner.
  5. Case studies – this is an easy one and a powerful one too. Think up a fictitious case. Build in details until the reader has a solid view of the case in question. These cases tell people in real figures what this person/case should expect to pay in tax. No vague theories or talk of extenuating circumstances. Just solid information and figures. Raw, honest data is what your readers are after.
  6. E-newsletters – even though the tax return is a once a year project for some of your customers, it’s important to stay in touch all year round. From legislation to the budget and other economic issues that impact your average SME or sole trader, keeping your customers up to date shows you know your business.

You provide a very important service for many reasons – and one of the main ones is that the rest of us simply do not have the trade craft. So the way to get and keep customers is to show those years of experience and training. If you need a hand developing your content marketing strategy and delivering tailored and relevant content to your target audience, get in touch today.


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