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Time to get some putty on your hands – what a copywriter can learn from a salesperson

One glance from across a crowded shop-floor and you knew it was over before it even began…..

Ever been putty in the palm of a salesperson’s hands? Be honest now. Do you remember that time you bought something really special? You were happy to spend a few quid extra because you knew it would last. And then they approached….

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They gently peppered you with intelligent questions, cleverly disguised as small talk. You knew you were giving in too easily but you didn’t care……

The minute you walked through the door they have you sussed. Years of probing and listening ensured your persona and what you need is hardwired into their brain. If you sell something, no matter what the product or service is, you want to be that sales expert. And the way you do it is by getting to know your audience, comprehensively, emphatically, absolutely.

When it comes to copywriting, web content and connecting with your audience, there’s a lot to learn from a sales professional at the top of their game. If they can use personas and customer knowledge to such good effect, so can you….

Here’s my guide to creating your own buyer persona…

  • Gather the data – from the basics like sales figures and complaints to questionnaires and usability testing, arm yourself with as much research as you can about your target audience. Listen to your customers as much as possible. The more you listen, the easier it is to prepare your marketing materials.
  • List their characteristics – they’re people so they have emotions, values, technology preferences, socio-economic backgrounds and demographics. You need to know all about each of these.
  • Do they belong to a group –Working/on holiday/parents/children? Ask yourself how people identify themselves when they’re reading your brochures or website.
  • Words – what words do they use? How do they describe your products or service? This is useful for SEO but it’s more important for ensuring the words you use in your marketing collateral are hitting the right tone.
  • Now – build your persona by putting all this detail together. When you’re preparing your marketing blurb, keep this persona in mind and write like you are writing directly to them. Because you are.

With targeted, effective marketing communications, you’ll make a real impact on your customers and soon-to-be customers. Before you know it, it’s you that will have the putty on your hands….

If you need a little inspiration using copy and content to make a connection with customers old and new, I can help. Just get in touch..



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