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Know the web content process and make sure your web content is gathered, prepared and written the right way

Oh yeah…I’ve done that. You’ve just met one of those people who just agree to everything and figure it out later. They can smell the sale and if you asked them if they have any experience shooting pandas in a Chinese forest, they’d probably suggest that they haven’t done it recently but the ‘principles are still the same’. Writing SEO web content is not rocket science but like any trade, experienced practitioners will use a solid process to create and deliver the finished product.

Irish sole trader

The final tip for Irish SMEs who want to write Google-friendly content quickly and easily…blog writing tip #3

You’ve gone to the training courses and people have told you that getting to the top of Google’s tree is all down to content. They say you must create compelling, original content to engage fully with your customers and get noticed by Google. If you own or run a small business in Ireland, it can feel impossible but make the time and you will reap the rewards.

Here, you’ll find practical advice about how to create digital content. You’ll have already read Tip#1 and Tip#2. If not, check them out. This is the third instalment on this topic and your tip today is all about answering one more question.

  • What’s going on in your industry, what’s changing and can you put anyone’s mind at rest with your insights?

And just like our last post, we’ll give a few real life scenarios.

  • You’re an estate agent and just yesterday, five people tried to get an evaluation of their house while you were having your lunch in the local pub. With the new Irish property tax, people are worried about what they’ll pay and they want a rough idea of what that will be and how accurate the assessments they have already received are. Tell everyone how you carry out an evaluation and speak in round figures. And do it on your blog.
  • You’re a solicitor and it seems these days all people want to talk to you about is penalty points thanks to press coverage about politicians/gardai and more. You need to set the record straight. Write a blog along the lines of…. Penalty points – know your rights and know when you’re wrong too.
  • You‘re an insurance broker. It seems people are still a bit upset about the recent European ruling about women’s insurance premiums. Now that things have settled a bit, why not write a blog on the issue and ensure your readers know that there’s more to calculating a premium than just gender.

You have huge amounts of information in your head about your industry that people want to know. It’s not a secret and telling people will only illustrate your helpful nature and will get you moving up those Google rankings.

I know you’re busy. But we all need to make time to make digital marketing work for us.  As a professional copywriter, of course I can help if you’re having trouble with writer’s block. Have a go yourself first of all and if it’s not happening, you can always get in touch with me or give me a call on (087) 659 7571 and I’ll point you in the right direction.