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Time to get some putty on your hands – what a copywriter can learn from a salesperson

One glance from across a crowded shop-floor and you knew it was over before it even began…..

Ever been putty in the palm of a salesperson’s hands? Be honest now. Do you remember that time you bought something really special? You were happy to spend a few quid extra because you knew it would last. And then they approached….

Web content and digital marketing

Why the white paper is a must for Irish technology providers targeting the SME market

You’ll probably agree that it’s very hard to sell something to someone who’s never bought something like it it before. Technology providers and those from other innovative sectors face this problem all the time. It’s no secret that Irish SMEs are going through a tough time. And sales cycles are undoubtedly a little longer as a result. If you’re a new technology provider and your target audience is SMEs, a well-written white paper will educate and engage your target audience no matter what stage of the buying process they’re at.