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Is someone immune to your sales and marketing charms? There’s one way to get through …

You know who I’m talking about. Sometimes you think the only way they’ll use your product or service is if you don’t charge them and they double their income from it. They are cautious…very cautious. Every brochure or website they read is ‘marketing bluff’ and every word that comes out of your mouth is ‘just another sales pitch’.

But there’s one marketing tool they can’t argue with. One lead generator that’s so straight-talking and no-nonsense, they’ll feel like they’re talking to themselves.

The case study works because it’s a complete, factual story about how a product or service made a serious difference to a real-life business or organisation.  It’s that simple. It’s fact-driven and plain-speaking – just like your cautious buyer. A skilfully written case study will not be overly boastful but will still sell, but in a more understated way.  You can use it in direct mail, on your website or if you’re feeling brave – hand it over in person!

Why it works on the tyre-kickers as well as everyone else…

  • Credibility –the standard case study structure starts with a brief intro about who the case is about and what their business is. If you’re selling in a small industry where everyone knows, or at least knows of, everyone else, the case study might be your best bet.
  • Visualisation – a word you would probably not dare say to your prospect as marketing-speak like that might close their minds forever. But seriously, the case study allows even the most suspicious buyer to see exactly how your solution fits in to their organisation.
  • Results – they analyse every detail before they buy and prioritise results and measurability over other issues. In the results section of your case studies, you will talk about hard numbers and put figures on relevant issues. These issues might include revenue increases, efficiency gains, time savings, and % of new customers. It’s hard to argue with a number in the right context.

They’re a tough nut to crack but they may well be the customer you desperately want to win over. If nothing else has worked, a well-written case study could be just what you’re after. If you’re new to writing case studies or need a little guidance on what a case study can do for you, let me know.

I’ve written case studies for many industries from technology and engineering to professional services.

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It’s a results game. So yep – if you’re pitching to prospective customers they’ll want to know about the results that others have received from using your product or service. The core is the results. And white papers offer a definite delivery mechanism.

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