I’m a very small Irish SME – how do I create Google-friendly content quickly and easily? Blog writing tip #1

It’s alright for them, you’re thinking – with their big office in Dublin and ten-person marketing department. Just ‘create unique, useful content for Google’, they say. If you’re a sole trader or a very small SME, you know you have to create new digital content but finding the time seems impossible. How do you do it quickly and easily?

Ask yourself three questions. And in this blog, we’ll tackle the first question and show you that no matter what industry you’re in, creating unique web content is quick and easy and will take you no more than two hours a week

I’ll make some assumptions first of all. I’m guessing you have access to your website and know how to upload new content and blogs.

Let’s focus on blogging. Let’s say you want to write one blog every week.

Tip #1 – answer this first question

  1. What do you do best? ….Look at these examples for some inspiration…
  • You make and fit kitchens and for as long as you can remember, people have always commented on your after-sales service and how much you know about how to keep surfaces and worktops great-looking and long-lasting. Your first blog title? How to care for your marble/oak/mdf worktop. That’s just one hour and this week’s blog is done.
  • You run an organic food store and people come from far and wide for your homemade juices. You started with a few basic recipes but as you’ve got more confident, you’ve steadily built up quite a reputation. Your first blog title? How to make your own nutritious juice at home. And no, you won’t be giving away any big secrets but just a taste of your expertise.
  • You’re an accountant and are over-worked but could still do with some new business. To say you know the taxation system is an understatement. Share some of that knowledge.  Your first blog title? What you can claim for in your Irish tax returns in straightforward language.

Now, think about what you do best. And ask others (yes, family counts) what they think. It may have been a few years since you wrote a few hundred words but once you get the hang of it, it’ll become part of your weekly routine.

You don’t need huge resources to make quality content. And yes, writing blogs is a service provided by me but it could well be something you can have a go at yourself. If the words aren’t flowing, get in touch and I’m sure I’ll have a few pointers.


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very interesting article,Diarmuid..I would have been one of those people that said “it’s alright for those big companies with a big marketing budget”. This has really got me thinking I’ll need to re-evaluate my strategy. I’ll be in touch to see what you would suggest for my construction company. I find it difficult to get to potential clients, i hope you will provide a solution to this problem.
warmhome construction

Thanks Dave – digital marketing has levelled the playing field to a degree when it comes to marketing budgets. Clever, relevant content delivered with knowledge and enthusiasm will really help your online presence. Get in touch on the number above and I’d be glad to develop and deliver first-class digital content strategies for you at affordable rates…
all the best

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