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If you’re an Irish SME in the tech sector – here’s 4 content marketing projects you can start right now …

If there’s an industry that can get the most out of content marketing, it has to be the ICT sector. For at least the last decade, the concept of the ‘business value of IT’ has occupied the minds of B2B IT buyers. Content marketing has the ability to clearly demonstrate the value of ICT investment. And it’s time for you to truly embrace it, if you have not already done so. Here are 4 types of content marketing that every tech sector SME should have in place or at least be planning for…

chippic2Last week, we discussed content marketing options for charities. This blog looks at what the best forms of content marketing are for technology SMEs in Ireland and beyond.


Top four content marketing projects for SMEs in the tech sector

  • Case studies – even if you are selling technology solutions, your buyer may not be a ‘techie’. They could be an operations manger or an office manager or purchasing manager. This is where the case study offers you real opportunity. You can tell the story of your product in action and demonstrate in business-focussed terms what the value of investing in your product is, and what you can do for their business or organisation.  For example, a well written case study can be put on your site under a ‘resources’ tab  and can offer prospects a genuine insight into what they will get for their investment.
  • Blogs – the value of blogs is a given for any content marketer in any industry. In the tech sector, software releases, updates, patches, workarounds, support issues and so much important information may be required by your customers on a regular basis.  Your blog is a valuable resource for them and is also your starting point for conversing with your customers.
  • Video demos – video often works best when solving an issue. When it comes to support or technical help issues, video demos online can answer questions far quicker than forums or written explanations. Similarly, promotional videos illustrating the role and usability of your product or service may engage your target audience with ease.
  • Whitepapers – the whitepaper is a marketing tool that started life as discussion papers on various concepts, often in the public sector. Over time the white paper has morphed into a flexible marketing tool. It usually puts forward a theory and suggests a solution for a known industry problem. ICT providers have recognised that this offers the perfect platform to engage interested buyers or warm leads. It allows you to educate and reel in your target audience with a measured, informed sales pitch. For early stage start-ups in the tech sector where education is a priority, the white paper acts as both a branding as well as a lead generation tool.

Content marketing covers much more than the points above. But these are things you can do right now to kick-start your content marketing drive. Don’t delay – get stuck in straight away! And if you need any help with your content marketing in terms of coming up with ideas or writing your own unique content, call me on (087) 659 75 71 or  email – I’d love to hear from you.


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