How to write your first video script? ….A guide for SMEs

twit5Is there an end to this content marketing drive, you wonder? Now you’ve been advised that you need a video for your website. You can understand the value of it and you want to write a video script but need to get a handle on what it is and how to do it. While putting together a few lines for a 30 second or even one minute script sounds easy – it’s not. Take your time and keep these tips in mind when writing your first video script.

7 tips when writing your first video script

  1. Message – it’s number one in all your marketing communications so your video will be no different. Keep it both at the forefront of your mind when you write and at the forefront of your video too. Mention your message in the first 10 seconds and reference it throughout your script (within reason!).
  2. Duration – online videos need to be short and sweet. Keep in mind that a typical online video audience will probably start to drift after two minutes.
  3. Connect with your audience – you need to convince your audience that you understand their problems and that your products or services can fulfil their needs.
  4. Tone – if your script comes across as stiff and unapproachable, it won’t be long before your audience moves on. And that doesn’t mean that your approach should be light-hearted or trivial. It simply means that your tone must match your audience and your product.
  5. Words and lingo – within every industry there’s jargon but there’s also industry shorthand and words and phrases unique to that industry. Keep in mind the language your audience uses and the words that resonate with them – or not.
  6. Sentences and grammar – the video script is about relaying a message and putting a picture of who you are and what you do in the mind of the customer. Don’t get too crazy about grammar. Once the script flows and feels natural, without breaking any basic grammar rules, you’re on the right road. Your sentences should not be too long or meandering.
  7. Try and imagine the footage being shot – for example, when talking about your first class manufacturing and production facilities, imagine your factory floor and how it would come across in an online video format.

With the new wave of content marketing, it’s tempting to just put the content together and get it out there. Quality content will win out in the end and putting maximum effort into every content marketing project will mean it’s your content that rises to the top. If you’re still not sure about tackling your video script or have a draft that’s not quite there, feel free to get in touch for a second opinion from me – an experienced online script writer.



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