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Double trouble for web content writers – selling to two target markets and achieving one goal

When it comes to web content, food producers have a problem. They need to engage with the people who eat their food and they need to connect with the people who sell their food…to the people who eat it – if you know what I mean. Alienating one group over the other could prove disastrous. So, if you’re a food producer, how do you deal with selling to two audiences from one platform and retain ‘message consistency’ on the double?

Of course, this is not just limited to the food sector. But let’s continue with this example and illustrate how you can deal with this tricky marketing assignment. When focusing on your two target audiences, establish what they want to hear and what message you want to communicate. One thing is certain. The messages will be different.

Consumers, or people, as I like to call them, are interested in themselves. They want to read about taste, texture, product availability and perhaps where you get your ingredients from. Your web copy must reflect this.

Industrial customers are interested in different things. They want to know you can produce in volume terms. They must be sure you can deliver when you say you will. It’s likely they will want you to be working to certain accreditations and standards. Ultimately, they need to know they can trust you. Quality web content will address these concerns.

Practical considerations should also be your priority. Ask yourself – how much of your business is consumer-focussedand what portion of it is seeking to connect with industrial/volume buyers? For example, if it’s 90% industrial, keep this in mind when planning your sitemap and allocate a smaller amount of space – say one page to consumers. This page might relate to consumer-driven issues like recipes and ingredients. It should be written in a warm, friendly and evocative tone as you reassure them and concentrate on issues like taste, quality and nutrition if appropriate.

Don’t forget that you might well be competing directly with some of your customers ….for some of your consumers. Be wary of upsetting large volume customers with throwaway remarks about ‘dealing directly’ or similar comments.

If your market is a straight fifty-fifty, it is undoubtedly more difficult. Here, you are in real danger of distracting your intended audience with information that is not relevant to them. One simplistic technique is to buy another domain and have two websites. Allowing you target each group separately.

For tips and advice on how to target two audiences from one platform using persuasive copywriting, get in touch. I’d be glad to give you a bit more detail about to deal with your situation.

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