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Content marketing ideas for Irish SMEs in hospitality and tourism

In the third blog in this series, we look at content marketing options for Irish SMEs in the tourism and hospitality sector. If you run a pub, B&B,hotel, restaurant or other small tourism business,   ask yourself….what makes us different?  If you sell holidays or destinations or beautiful meals or great nights out, you sell the biggest product of all – a unique experience. So, what content works and what doesn’t for hospitality and tourism marketers?

We already looked at content marketing for the not-for-profit sector and tech sector content marketing but tourism/hospitality offers something new.  Today, we’ll suggest four ways to make your content marketing shine.

content marketing for tourism - image of a tranquil forest

Content marketing ideas for tourism and hospitality providers

  1. Maps and driving guides – they can be for print or downloadable  or transferable to a mobile device. If people are coming to your part of Ireland for the first time, they may need help finding their way around. Why not do a little research yourself and prepare driving guides or interesting country drives close to your location showing off the best of what your region has to offer. Don’t leave it to the tourist bodies. Produce your own content with your brand taking centre stage
  2. Travel timetables – find out how your customers get to your destination. If they take public transport, can you provide a full guide to transport options?  If your business is truly a destination location, make sure your content marketing pitches it just like that.
  3. Blogs – using detail and colour in marketing communications has always been a true asset for your industry. A well updated blog allows you to talk through every aspect of your offering in a fun and informative way. Remember you are often not just selling your hotel, restaurant or pub – you‘re selling your town, village or region too. Why not make use of your solid links with other local businesses and ask them to write a guest blog for your site. For example, there may be a local small food producer or a textile specialist. Make sure your visitors and customers get the best out of your local region. For them, it’s an opportunity for free publicity to their target audience. For you, it ‘s an opportunity to add quality, relevant content to your website.
  4. e-guidebooks – selling holidays is all about anticipation and preparation. If someone is travelling to your region, you need to make it easy for them to make the most of their time. From a short e-book on the top historical sites to see or even specialty ones on tracing your ancestors, this is how you will create compelling content to fuel your visitors’ and prospective visitors’ imaginations and hopefully increase bookings and visitors too.

Planning a holiday or even a weekend away or a meal out is a pleasant experience. People enjoy planning and look forward to the services you and your colleagues provide. Content marketing is the channel that allows you turn prospects into customers. Try it out and if you need any help with ideas or the writing itself, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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