Confessions of an Irish content writer

So what makes a good content writer? And what does an experienced content writer or copywriter have to say about pricing, original content and good old-fashioned bull and bluster? I’ve been in this game for a quite a while now and there’s always a few things that I’m happy to clear

  • I’m good but I’m not that good – with me, you are not 100% guaranteed top spot in Google. And if another writer tells you different, they’re being very optimistic. No…. scratch that. They’re just lying to get your business. SEO Content writing is a technique or skill set and when it’s applied well, will boost your rankings considerably. Getting to top spot is always possible but never certain.
  • I’ll charge you a fair price for quality work. If I make a mess of the job and you don’t enjoy working with me, it’s bad all-round. Just like a plumber, for example, much of my work comes in on a referral basis. The only way you get referrals is to produce quality work at fair prices.  And I charge about the same as a plumber too (and no, not the emergency call-out kind!)
  • I take enough time and use my insight to write original content – yes, you can get it cheaper but for online content, you really get what you pay for. Cheap articles from a ‘content farm’ might seem like good value but when you take into account quality, possibility of content duplication and no real targeting, not only does it not do what you need it to, it can also be more hassle than it’s  worth.
  • I’ll write content that will appeal to your target audience. I do this by getting an accurate picture of them through you and identifying the problem that you’re solving for them. A little briefing from you is fine but typically a chat over the phone will be enough to get started although I’m happy to meet in person too.
  • I don’t like bull, bluster and empty promises and so I don’t use them. Presenting your product or service in an engaging yet clear manner will get you results. Overpromising and under delivering leaves a bad taste in the mouths of every customer and is one sure way to combat repeat business.
  • I work quickly and offer a fast turnaround because it suits me as well as you. Concentrated and focussed working on a specific project over a shorter time period will usually mean a better piece of work than if I drift over and back to a project over time.


Content writers will get you real results online. Whether that’s getting your message through or making you sales, an experienced content writer understands traditional web content as well as the ‘new wave of content marketing’.  And if you need a straight-talking, seasoned content writer, get in touch today and we’ll have a look at where you are now and where you want to get to.

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