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Why some direct mail campaigns work and some do not

My mobile rang last Wednesday evening. ‘I got this postcard from you’ the voice said. It was a freelance web designer who needed a copywriter. ‘So what?’, you’re thinking. Well, the fact is I sent that postcard three years ago and this is the third query I got in the last six months even after getting a 25% response rate first time round. What was so special about this postcard?

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Just listen – Blog writing tip #2 – I’m a small Irish SME – how do I create Google-friendly digital content quickly and easily?

Every digital marketing training course you attend and every search specialist you talk to, is telling you the same thing. Google loves unique, helpful digital content. To score high in the rankings you just have to create it. But if you’re a sole trader/very small business in Ireland, you want to know exactly how to do that. If you’re hard-pressed for time, consider my approach to creating quality content ….and have plenty of time to run your business too.

You might have already read our first tip for creating Google-friendly content. If not, go back and have a read now. But today, we want you to answer another question for your next bout of blog inspiration.

Tip #2 – answer this….

  1. What do your customers ask you every day?

And just like our last post, we’ll give you a few real life scenarios…

  • You run a garden centre and at the same time every year, you’re asked the same questions. From potato blight to the plum tree that only fruits when it feels like it, you always know the answers. Make a note of the most common questions. And your next blog might be…How to grow a perfect lawn in our Irish climate.
  • You build energy efficient houses and friends are always looking for advice about insulation and energy ratings. Make some notes and write a blog like this…. ‘Ensure your home is airtight by next winter and save money too’.
  • You’re a butcher and if you hear another horsemeat joke, you’ll close up for the day. You know you source your animals from local farms and they’re processed by proven abattoirs with strict operating policies. Your next blog? How supplying only local meat means everybody knows what they’re buying.

Your customers are your greatest resource in more ways than one. By showing you understand their concerns and answering those concerns in a coherent manner, you’re continuing the conversation in an online format. Creating content is easier than you think. If you need a hand writing the blogs, I can certainly help – just get in touch.



I’m a very small Irish SME – how do I create Google-friendly content quickly and easily? Blog writing tip #1

It’s alright for them, you’re thinking – with their big office in Dublin and ten-person marketing department. Just ‘create unique, useful content for Google’, they say. If you’re a sole trader or a very small SME, you know you have to create new digital content but finding the time seems impossible. How do you do it quickly and easily?


Are you juicing your web content? – The grey area between black and white hat SEO copywriting

A bit like professional cycling, doping was once endemic in SEO web content and copywriting. The demise of keyword stuffing and a crackdown on high levels of keyword density in the last 18 months has levelled the playing field and those trying to do the right thing are now getting the rewards for their efforts. Ok – stuffing your content with keywords and stuffing your veins with EPO is not exactly the same thing (c’mon, I’m looking for a hook here)…but still….if you’re juicing, you’re losing.

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Time to get some putty on your hands – what a copywriter can learn from a salesperson

One glance from across a crowded shop-floor and you knew it was over before it even began…..

Ever been putty in the palm of a salesperson’s hands? Be honest now. Do you remember that time you bought something really special? You were happy to spend a few quid extra because you knew it would last. And then they approached….


How I ended up the butt of your jokes – the SEO copywriter and the synonym

An SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…

‘Open with a joke’, they said. …..Yes, you’ve heard the above joke before but there’s still a leaning toward synonyms in web content and with good reason. SEO content writers have a few things that p*s* them (us) off. Keyword obsession is one and using synonyms in your online copy and content will make your text seem a lot more natural – even if it’s not…if you know what I mean…