2014 blog planning – So what do people actually want to read?

2014 is not the year of the blog! This time of year, it’s tempting to look into the next big thing and force it into your marketing mix. But for the average Irish SME, it might be best to revisit the things we have done before and see how we can make them work better for us in 2014. And that brings us to the humble blog. An effective brand builder and a practical SEO lead generator, you can be sure the right content for your blog will get you results. So what do people actually want to read about and not read about? Here are six things to keep in mind as you build content for your blog.090513 1097


  1. Help – they want help! If you provide a complicated product or service, your consumers or even enthusiasts want to know how you can help them out of a tight spot by giving them a little information or guidance. If you’re worried about giving too much away for free – don’t…your helpfulness and generosity will hopefully not be forgotten by these prospective customers in the future.
  2. Insight – you know your industry and the hot issues only too well. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and experience.
  3. Myth busting – this is similar but very relevant in Ireland. Bad news continues to travel at light speed here over the past few years. If you can tackle misconceptions head-on about your industry which will be helpful to prospective buyers – do it.
  4. News? – I would say most people get their news from longstanding trusted news websites and you must ask yourself – is there something I can add? And if there is, great…but if you’re simply repeating news stories already found on other specialist news sites, it’s a waste of your time and space.
  5. How great you are – we like it to be known how successful we are and how good things are going but when we keep going on about it, others don’t really appreciate it. Over Christmas, you may have met up with an old acquaintance who told you how brilliant and successful they are at everything. I’m betting you didn’t hang around any longer than you had to! So perhaps instead of saying …we won  a €3m contract, perhaps focus on why you won it and build your blog around that.
  6. The hard sell – even when people are expecting this technique (car dealerships/electronics stores etc) it can be tough going. So if you think your blog is another chance to list off your product benefits, please think again as you may be making people move on faster than they have to.


So this year, before turning to new tactics, think about your existing business development tools and how you can perfect them. Your blog should exude confidence, calmness and generosity. Happy New Year!