Case studies and whitepapers

Case studies and whitepapers for your business 

For certain customers, nothing is as powerful as a story echoing their experiences. I’ll combine the art of the advertorial with a case study illustrating how you, the organisation solved the customer’s problem using a real life example.

 Case studies work – simply because people like to read stories. Stories about people with similar problems to theirs that can be solved. These can be used not only in advertorials but also in presentations, brochures, direct mail and information packs.

graphic of white paper and pen

How to write a white paper? People ask me this all the time. The White paper is a document written to support theories. Sometimes they are based on facts and research. Sometimes they are driven by opinion. They’re also known as marketing whitepapers or research white papers. Typically they are business white papers written to answer questions and discuss topics for people or businesses that are in the early stages of the buying process.

 Or as a brand-building tool to improve your brand’s position in the current market. With extensive experience in research writing, I’ll work with you as you develop topics for your white paper and advise you on research techniques and research providers. If you’re in the technology sector, technology whitepapers can offer you a real marketing advantage

I’ll write a white paper or case study specifically for your business, get in touch….