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Web content writing – time to stop being a digital fool

‘Never argue with a fool because…’… and you know the rest. You’ll find fools online and offline. Quality, informed content, whether written by someone like me or whether you do it yourself, puts you on a different level to the

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2014 blog planning – So what do people actually want to read?

2014 is not the year of the blog! This time of year, it’s tempting to look into the next big thing and force it into your marketing mix. But for the average Irish SME, it might be best to revisit

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Confessions of an Irish content writer

So what makes a good content writer? And what does an experienced content writer or copywriter have to say about pricing, original content and good old-fashioned bull and bluster? I’ve been in this game for a quite a while now

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Food for thought – Content marketing and blog building for the SME food producer

If you’re an SME food/drink producer, the chances are you don’t have a lot of time to devote to marketing.  But yet you already know how crucial content marketing is. And you need to start with your blog! Here’s four

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How to write your first video script? ….A guide for SMEs

Is there an end to this content marketing drive, you wonder? Now you’ve been advised that you need a video for your website. You can understand the value of it and you want to write a video script but need

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Tradecraft – Content marketing for tax accountants and other financial service providers

Tax accountants – understand one thing. For the most part, we know very little about what you do and we depend on your knowledge and insight to handle the awful job of the tax return.  Well, we have a rough

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Content marketing ideas for Irish SMEs in hospitality and tourism

In the third blog in this series, we look at content marketing options for Irish SMEs in the tourism and hospitality sector. If you run a pub, B&B,hotel, restaurant or other small tourism business,   ask yourself….what makes us different?  If

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Why some direct mail campaigns work and some do not

My mobile rang last Wednesday evening. ‘I got this postcard from you’ the voice said. It was a freelance web designer who needed a copywriter. ‘So what?’, you’re thinking. Well, the fact is I sent that postcard three years ago

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Just listen – Blog writing tip #2 – I’m a small Irish SME – how do I create Google-friendly digital content quickly and easily?

Every digital marketing training course you attend and every search specialist you talk to, is telling you the same thing. Google loves unique, helpful digital content. To score high in the rankings you just have to create it. But if

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I’m a very small Irish SME – how do I create Google-friendly content quickly and easily? Blog writing tip #1

It’s alright for them, you’re thinking – with their big office in Dublin and ten-person marketing department. Just ‘create unique, useful content for Google’, they say. If you’re a sole trader or a very small SME, you know you have

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