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B2B focus: It takes two – why sales and marketing folk must work together to create content that gets results…and how they should do it

Who doesn’t enjoy the passive-aggressive banter between sales and marketing people, often about content development and who does what? You’ll be glad to know I have a great suggestion to unite them. The next time you see sales and marketing

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If you’re an SME B2B technology company, define what you want your website to do and build your content around that

Understanding your website communications goals has never been more important for the tech-sector SME. In broad terms, a technology B2B website aims to do one or more, of three things. Identify what you want to do and develop a content

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Selling B2B? – You’ll need a b2b copywriter that understands the difference between writing for consumer and business audiences

On their journey from consumer to professional buyer, people change – a lot! As a consumer buying just for yourself, you’re probably at your most vulnerable to emotion and impulse buying. And when buying for your family and friends, you

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Let’s call a spade a spade…why building yourself up through web content can lead to your user navigation breaking down

When I was a kid, everybody knew someone who added ‘fuel injection technician’ to their secondary school CV – as a joke. How we’d laugh at how ridiculous it was to call yourself something that sounded so ‘exotic’ but in

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If you have a website, April 21st is an important day for you – how to write the mobile content you’ll need…

The news that from April 21st, Google is going to penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly should focus the minds of website owners and their responsibility for mobile readers and consumers. And this applies to content too. While you may

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Do I need a whitepaper in 2015?

If you’re a tech sector company that sells hardware, software or services to B2B markets, a whitepaper is not a bad idea at all. Keep reading and find out when and why a whitepaper can help you sell more of

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Content marketing tips for selling to heavy industry, engineering, manufacturing and processing sectors

If the mind of an industrial buyer was a room, I’d guess it would be organised, Spartan and there’d be a big checklist fixed on the wall with solid criteria outlined. These people don’t buy on emotions, whims or trends.

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Copywriting help…how to write a case study in 15-20 minutes

Brace yourself. It’s not often you’ll hear a copywriter tell you this. But sometimes, you might just be better off preparing a marketing piece yourself. A case study is a fine example. If you are an owner-manager or a small

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What’s your problem? – The nuts and bolts of marketing messages

If you’re an SME, ‘message-definition’ is a bit like pre-season (marketing) training. It’s the hard work you put in on a windswept pitch in January that will get you results when the sun shines later in the year.  Targeted ‘on-message’

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Web content writing – time to stop being a digital fool

‘Never argue with a fool because…’… and you know the rest. You’ll find fools online and offline. Quality, informed content, whether written by someone like me or whether you do it yourself, puts you on a different level to the

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