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Let’s call a spade a spade…why building yourself up through web content can lead to your user navigation breaking down

When I was a kid, everybody knew someone who added ‘fuel injection technician’ to their secondary school CV – as a joke. How we’d laugh at how ridiculous it was to call yourself something that sounded so ‘exotic’ but in

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If you have a website, April 21st is an important day for you – how to write the mobile content you’ll need…

The news that from April 21st, Google is going to penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly should focus the minds of website owners and their responsibility for mobile readers and consumers. And this applies to content too. While you may

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Do I need a whitepaper in 2015?

If you’re a tech sector company that sells hardware, software or services to B2B markets, a whitepaper is not a bad idea at all. Keep reading and find out when and why a whitepaper can help you sell more of

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